Publishing Workshop

In this weekly, semester-based program, Publishing Workshop participants receive a working tutorial on the book publishing industry in an apprenticeship environment. They learn writing and publishing skills alongside professional editors and designers, often during the real-time editorial and production processes of Telling Room book assembly, covering topics such as book writing, development editing, copyediting, proofing, design, marketing, and printing.

Offered as a two-semester program during the school year, Publishing Workshop concentrates on a different publishing project each fall and spring, and students aged 12-18 may apply to one or both of the semester programs in any given year. This program is also open to alumni of any Telling Room program, and to working professionals in the book publishing industry. Current students, past students, and working adults work together to make Telling Room publishing the best it can be! Youth publishing is as it should be in this program: together we make gorgeous publications of youth writing for real audiences.


Fall Semester Publishing Workshop

Wednesdays, September 26-December 19, 2018
3-5:00 pm @ The Telling Room, Suite 200

In the fall, Publishing Workshop explores how publications are born, from idea to library or store, and from writer to publisher and every profession in between. As we explore the many careers that exist for people who work with books, writing, and publishing, we may visit a magazine or newspaper office, host a literary agent, talk to a publicist, prep a bookstore event, meet a designer, tour a printer, interview an editor, talk with authors, and more. Publishing Workshop participants will also write their own stories or poems and submit them for publication by the end of the semester, and this semester we will be pulling together our first ever literary magazine!

To register for FALL Semester Publishing Workshop, please click here. Deadline to register is September 24, 2018.WORKSHOP IS FULL!

Spring Semester Publishing Workshop

Wednesdays, January 30-May 15, 2019
3-5:00 pm, @ The Telling Room, Suite 200

Spring semester participants will work as editorial assistants to select and revise the content for our annual anthology, which is released at our huge community event, Big Night, each spring. Every year, we publish a book of student work from The Telling Room’s programs that focuses on the annual theme. Stories or pieces we consider for print might go through several rounds of the editing process before we publish them in one of our anthologies. The editorial staff of the Publishing Workshop, comprised of student and adult editors, meets weekly to discuss the writing, identify places where additional development is needed, and works with the student authors to revise. They are also involved in decisions about titles and book design. When the anthology is published, students will be invited on stage to introduce it to a large community audience.

To register for SPRING Semester Publishing Workshop, please click here. Deadline to register is January 15, 2018.