Field Trips

Classrooms can be awfully boxy sometimes. Time for a Field Trip to The Telling Room, where students come to our Writing Center for the morning with their classmates and teachers to engage as working writers! At the end of the trip, each writer departs with his or her own creation and the kind of skills that bolster performance in school, across all disciplines.

And did we mention we have fun?

Our Field Trip curricula are geared toward learners of all ages and abilities. We are constantly astounded by children’s abilities to create stories while finding their own distinctive voices. These programs are designed to foster young writers—those who already love writing and those who come to it more reluctantly—so that all participants can benefit equally.

We have a variety of creative FIELD TRIP MODELS to choose from for any age and group size. Feel free to browse, or let us know if you have something up your sleeve you’d like to try. While we are always happy to have groups visit for a single morning, all of our field trips work better in two sessions. We encourage anyone interested to contact us to talk more about extending the learning that happens on a field trip, either with another trip to us or a visit from one of our teaching artists in your classroom. 

For more information about Field Trips, including rates, or to schedule a Field Trip, please click here.

The Maine Arts Commission's Ticket To Ride program provides funding to defray the cost of travel for Maine K-12 schools wishing to visit Maine arts based venues and events as a part of a well-rounded curriculum. K-12 schools in Maine are eligible to apply for up to $300. Click here to see if your school is eligible.

Target Field Trip Grants for teachers are another great way to get funding for a Telling Room field trip! 

Please try to reserve your trip or visit several months in advance, as we do book up quickly!