Our fun, innovative writing programs are the heart of our organization.

All core programs are 100% free to students and their families, ensuring that the students who need our services most – the students who are least likely to have a voice in the community – can participate. Through skilled, creative, and resourceful program delivery, we minimize overhead and maximize impact.

During the day, from September through June, you can find us in area schools conducting multi-week Residencies, in which Telling Room teaching artists and community volunteers work in local classrooms to write, edit, and publish stories and poems in an original chapbook.

From June to August, we offer a variety of Summer Camps for writers of all ages and interests.

At our studios on Commerical Street, we offer a number of writing programs each year:

We run literary Field Trips for local language arts classes that bring students to our Old Port writing center for a morning.

We teach an annual nine-month-long writing and leadership program for refugee and immigrant high schoolers called Young Writers & Leaders.

In our Young Emerging Authors program, we select a small group of fellows (ages 12-18), through a rigorous application process, to write an entire book with us in a single calendar year.

In a weekly, semester-based program, Publishing Workshop participants (ages 12 and up) receive a working tutorial on the book publishing industry in an apprenticeship environment.

And, we host weekly community Writers Block afternoons that give burgeoning writers (ages 6-18) time to work on their projects. Each session offers solo writing time, group work, and featured workshops with local artists and writers. 

Each year, all of our programs are linked by a new theme, and the best student writing from the year is published in a major Anthology released every spring at a community event attended by hundreds of supporters.