SPRING 2021 Offerings


Registrations for our virtual spring progams are live through February 22nd!


Follow the links to SWARM!, Second Story, and Publishing Workshop to learn more about each program. We look forward to welcoming new and returning students. 


This spring we are also offering two February Vacation Camps! Click here to register and for more information. 




Fall Offerings



Our Fall afterschool programs are gearing up to go! Registration is open through October 2nd for Young Writers & Leaders, Second Story, and Pub Workshop. 


Spring registration will open back up in January for our other semester long afterschool programs. Sign up for our newsletter to stay connected!


While applications for this year's YEA fellowship are closed, we will be conducting interviews for our year long Yound Writers & Leaders program over the next few weeks.


Follow each link for information and registration!



September 14, 2020

We are so excited to report that The Telling Room's new program SWARM!our first statewide writing and publishing programfilled in record time this summer, and was comprised of students from the following counties: Aroostook, Cumberland, Franklin, Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln, Oxford, Penobscot, Sagadahoc, Somerset, Waldo, Washington, and York.
SWARM! is a digital initiative for kids and teens who would like to write and publish with other youth from all across Maine. 


Registration is now open for our spring session of SWARM!




June 26, 2020
At The Telling Room we always hear from people living outside of the Greater Portland area asking us if we can come to other parts of Maine. Well, now we can!

We are excited to announce SWARM! (Student Writers and Readers Meet!) our first statewide writing and publishing program. SWARM! is a digital initiative for kids and teens who would like to write and publish with their other youth in new regional writing groups in Maine. If you know a family friend in Caribou, a cousin in Indian Township, a student in Millinocket, or friends or family with kids in Waterville, or Lewiston, or Fort Kent, or Lubec, or Machias, or Fryeberg, or Vinalhavenplease let them know that we are now here for them!
Get a custom kit! 
Write with Maine Youth!
Work with authors!
Publish your writing!
Registration was open between June 29, 2020 - July 10, 2020.
Registration is also open for all virtual summer camps, which are also available to young writers across the State of Maine. 

Please email writers@tellingroom.org if you have any questions about our summer offerings. 


Updated June 3, 2020
Registration is now open for The Telling Room's virtual summer camps

Like many of you, we at The Telling Room have been closely following Maine CDC's guidelines surrounding the coronavirus and have come to the decision that it would be impossible to conduct in-person camps and maintain safe social distancing this summer. We are just as disappointed as you.

However, our staff and teaching artists have been hard at work reinventing our camp offerings to enjoy from the comfort of your home. These virtual offerings are filled with just as many possibilities for robust writing, online sharing, connecting with other young writers, and the same Telling Room verve you've come to rely on⁠— all with regard to not overwhelming with screen time. 

Time online will vary from camp to camp. All participants will need access to the internet as well as a device with video and/or audio capabilities. Stay tuned for a sample itinerary for a week-long camp. 

We have a limited number of scholarships available for these sessions. To find out about our summer camp scholarships, click here

We are so excited to be able to offer this exciting slate of virtual writing and publishing experiences to children and teens throughout the State of Maine. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns at writers@tellingroom.org

Updated May 7, 2020 

Welcome, spring! We are finding inspiration in our intrepid and resilient students as they press on with remote learning and we all learn to honor the idea of home just a little bit more each day. 

To help us all hit our stride while we keep writing and connecting, we are excited to unveil our brand new online resource—a whole blog that is jam-packed with writing prompts, short and long Telling Room writing lessons, and ways for kids to share their writing with all of us reading at home! The writing lessons were designed for students in grades K-12, and we invite teachers, students, parents assisting with remote learning, and anyone else who could benefit from access to creative writing and personal narrative lessons to use this resource… and it’s all totally free! Check out our new Medium account now.

We continue to publish a daily writing prompt, which can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as on our blog. All of May’s writing prompts will be based on a quote from a youth-authored poem that was written by students in the Young Writers & Leaders 2019-20 cohort to celebrate their upcoming anthology.

We continue to encourage our community to listen to, read, watch, and share our incredible store of thousands of youth-authored writing, audio and video of poems, stories and personal narratives, all of which are available right now on our Stories page, our Vimeo page, and our Soundcloud page.

We feel grateful to live in an age of technology that allows us to keep connecting with our students each week. Students from our afterschool Writers Block, Young Writers & Leaders, Young Emerging Authors, and Publishing Workshop programs—as well as our Casco Bay High School, Mast Landing School, and Mt. Ararat Middle School workshops—are wrapping up their spring 2020 programming via Zoom and Google Classroom. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming publications and virtual events featuring these young writers!

We’ve also launched “The Living Room,” The Telling Room’s virtual streaming series. In this series Telling Room authors and their program mentors pair up to read selected works and converse about artistic inspiration, youth publishing, and living as writers right now. Audience members (students welcome!) can submit questions to the pair via chat. Check our events pages, social media, and newsletter for an upcoming reading!

We are so grateful for the critical support provided by our many generous friends, donors, and funders who believe in The Telling Room, our vision, and our work! Thank you for inspiring us all—especially in this time of great upheaval across the arts and nonprofit sectors. We’d like to give a special shout out to Print: A Bookstore, our trusted community partner, as they will temporarily fulfill and ship all book orders for us until we can resume daily operations in our writing center. 

We’re so excited to announce our 2019-20 Telling Room Writing Contest winner... 

Congratulations to Logan Wilbur of Bass Harbor, a student at Mt. Desert Island High School! Logan’s short story “Back When” was selected out of a pool of entries that came in from young writers all across the state. Her work will also be published in our upcoming anthology in June, and she will receive a $200 cash prize. Way to go, Logan!

And thank you all for staying connected to us throughout this time—your many messages of support for our team and our young writers are so encouraging and uplifting. We are so happy you’re out there reading our students’ stories and poems as we take a page from their book and press ever on.



*UPDATED* 4/2/20

One beam,
Makes me smile.
One small touch of warmth,
Makes my insides melt into calmness.
The slightest peek from heind the clouds,
Gives me hope.
This thing of joy,
Brings a smile to my face each morning
As it rises proudly over the mountains.

- Claire C., Fifth Grade

As we learn the new patterns and rhythms of our days, we’re keeping a lookout for the sunbeams. As we learn the new patterns and rhythms of our days, we’re discovering and developing new ways to connect, innovate, and carry out our mission to empower youth through writing and share their voices with the world. We are committed to providing resources, activities, and community engagement to help us all keep writing and communicating across the divide. Although we are physically far apart, we believe this new need for distance is not a barrier, but instead an opportunity for our students and community to find comfort and connection through the power of writing and sharing. We’re including a synopsis below of what we’re doing to bring The Telling Room to our students, our community, and to YOU. We will continue to roll out additional resources in the coming days and weeks.


Our studio space in Portland may be closed, and schools may be shuttered, but writing and publishing continues! Our Young Emerging Authors cohort has continued to meet with their mentors over the phone and receive notes on their book manuscriptsand they will meet via video chat in the coming weeks as well, and their books are still projected to launch in August. Young Writers & Leaders cohorts have begun working in a virtual Google Classroom and are continuing to work on final revisions with writing coaches on their personal narratives, which will be included in the program’s own book. 

Two of our school-based programs, a poetry podcast workshop at Mast Landing School and an interactive fiction workshop at Mt. Ararat, are continuing now via Google Classroom, with our teacher having posted the first distance-learning lesson for the Mast Landing fifth-grade poets this past Friday. The first draft of the poem above, “Sunlight” by Claire C., was written in this remote class. Publishing Workshop continues work on our themed, “best of” anthology collection, sending edits to students via email all over Maine and connecting by video conferencing, and Ambassadors are meeting virtually to continue their advisory work.

We now publish a daily writing prompt on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that schooling-at-home parents, guardians, and helpers; teachers of virtual classrooms; and young writers everywhere are using as an everyday activity on social media.

We are encouraging our community to listen to, read, watch, and share our incredible store of thousands of youth-authored writing, audio and video of poems, stories and personal narratives available right now on our Stories page, our Vimeo page, and our Soundcloud page. We are now working around the clock to assemble and link these pieces into grouped content for teachers who may wish to use them as writing prompts or as discussion points in virtual classrooms. 

And we’ll soon be launching a web page to provide more resources: a list of shorter writing activities and write/share prompts; articles written by Telling Room staff that feature key elements of literary and language arts methodology; and a suite of Telling Room lessons curated and adapted for online classroom and at-home learning. We will reach out to our community once these resources are ready to roll. 

And finally, for everyone online, we will be live streaming readings by youth poets and authors and craft talks about what it is like to live and work as a writer. Keep an eye on our social media for date announcements!

We believe that there has never been a more important time to stay connected through writing and story and poetryand we could not be happier to write and share with, and be inspired by our current studentsand all others who want to be part of The Telling Room throughout Maine and beyond. 

Thank you for all the ways you are continuing to support and buoy The Telling Room and our young writers. Your continued connection means the world to us right now.


*UPDATED* 3/20/20
Beloved Telling Room Community:

As we remain your strong and steady partner in literary arts education, we wish you to take heart and carry on with us during the challenging times ahead. The Telling Room is more dedicated than ever to providing resources, activities, and community engagement for everyone in this profound period of isolation and distancing. We see this also as a time of great creativity and imaginationand even a time to further innovate the arts through diverse media. Let's write together!

We are opening our virtual doors and now The Telling Room can be with you at home. Everybody needs a place to engage in writing and the arts, in-person or wherever we may be, and so in the coming days, weeks, and months we will be providing the following:

- Pre-recorded, youth-authored audio and video of poems, stories, and personal narratives for schools and teachers who may wish to use them as writing prompts or as discussion points in virtual classrooms.

- Daily writing prompts posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for schooling-at-home parents, guardians, and helpers; teachers using virtual classrooms; and youth as an everyday activity on social media.

- Live streaming readings with community and youth poets and authors, and craft talks about what it is like to live and work as a writer.

- Virtual write-and-share opportunities to support students currently in Telling Room programs and youth seeking virtual engagement with the arts in Maine and across the country.

Although we are physically far apart, we can find comfort and connection through the power of writing and sharing with one another. Teachers throughout the State of Maine can email us for additional literary and language arts resources that can be brought into the virtual classroom. Parents, helpers, and students are welcome to contact us for additional help finding a creative spark of inspiration.

We believe that throughout all of human history there has never been a more important time to stay connected through writingand we could not be happier to write, share, and be inspired with you.

Be safe and well

The Telling Room Staff -
Celine, Peyton, Blaire, Clare, Moon, Molly, Hipai, Rachele, Sarah, Sonya, Nick, Marjolaine, & Kathryn


Dear Treasured Telling Room Community, 

Like many of you, we’ve been actively following the progression of COVID-19 in Maine, in other parts of the country, and across the globe. In the interest of safeguarding the wellbeing of our beloved staff, volunteers, teaching artists, and students—and following guidance from local, state, and federal authorities regarding measures that best promote public health—we’ve decided to temporarily suspend daily operations, including all Telling Room programs and events, starting today, March 13th at 6pm.

During this time, The Telling Room staff will closely monitor the situation, work remotely, and assess the need for continued temporary closure. For the most current information, please visit tellingroom.org. Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at writers@tellingroom.org. Our team will try to respond to inquiries in a timely manner. 

As most of you know, we are dedicated to creating safe, healthy spaces, both in and out of The Telling Room. We appreciate your understanding and your patience during this time. We will be looking into options for developing creative ways to continue to serve our students and interact with our communities from a distance.

In the weeks ahead, our community will be faced with challenges—but also a unique opportunity. The Telling Room believes in the power of human connection, so while distancing is difficult, let's rise to the occasion and find new ways to share with and listen to each other. Keep communicating, even if electronically. Send a text to a neighbor. Post some writing on social media. Continue to read and, of course, to write. Share your support, share your kindness, share youth voices.

With gratitude, 

The Telling Room Staff