Many thanks to our 2019-2020 donors!


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Corporate and Foundation Donors

Agnes M. Lindsay Trust

Amazon Literary Partnership

Anderson Family Foundation

Anonimo Foundation

Bernstein Shur

Brooks Family Foundation

Celia Lipton Farris and Victor W. Farris Foundation Home Community Fund- a MaineCF Donor Advised Fund

Clements Family Charitable Trust


Coffee By Design

Component Funds of the Maine Community Foundation

cPort Credit Union

Davis Family Foundation

Down East Magazine

East Brown Cow Management, Inc.

Edward H. Daveis Benevolent Fund of the Maine Community Foundation


Estate of George W Crockett

Eyecare Medical Group

First Parish Congregational Church

Frog Crossing Foundation


GBL Charitable Foundation

GE Foundation

Hawkins Project

Heinemann Publishing

Hoehl Family Foundation

Jane B. Cook 1992 Charitable Trust

Kirby Family Foundation

L.L. Bean

Latkin Family Foundation

Law Offices of Joe Bornstein

Maine Arts Commission

Maine Public

Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust

Marshall Dodge Memorial Fund

Messler Family Foundation

Mimi Foundation

Moe's BBQ

Morse Hill Trust

Moser Family Foundaiton

National Endowment for the Arts

Norway Savings Bank

Old Bug Light Charitable Foundation

Pierce Atwood

Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce

Red Thread Spaces LLC

Rines/Thompson Fund of the Maine Community Foundation

Rona Jaffe Foundation

Scholastic Inc.

Sea Bags

SPACE Gallery

State Theatre

Stroudwater Construction

TD Beach to Beacon 10K

Texas Instruments Foundation

The Boulos Company

The Parkrow Charitable Trust

The Pettus Foundation

The Ullendorff Memorial Foundation

The Via Group

The Whitehead Foundation

The William J. J. Gordon Family Foundation

Thomas and Nancy Conway Charitable Trust


Verdante at Lincoln Park



White Pine Foundation

Wind Point Foundation

Xeric Foundation


Individual Donors

Anonymous (43)

Hank and Marji Adams

Julia Adams

Lauren and Gregory Adey

Molly Ahrens

Philippe Alexandre and Margaret Morrison

Justin and Rachael Alfond

Ann Amstutz Hayes

John Anderson

Gloria and George Aponte Clarke

Judy and Robbin Babcock

Anne Baird and Steve Campbell

Dick and Jennifer Baker

Madge Baker

Coco Ballantyne

Sara and Ronald Bancroft

Anne Bardaglio

Joan Barnett

Becky Bartovics

Mary Baumgartner

Rachel Beane and Eric Chown

Edward and Barbara Becker

Lydia Bell

Karin Belsheim

Diane Bennekamper and Lorraine Martin

Aimee and Mark Bessire

Chris and Kelly Bicknell

Steven Biel and Emily Figdor

Libby and Steve Bischof

Gordon H. Bither

Lisa and John Black

Kenneth Blaschke

Iris Blasi

Calix Blouin

Mary Bonauto and Jennifer Wriggins

Victoria and Erno Bonnebakker

William Bourke

Peter Boyle Jr.

Julia and Jim Brady

Darcy Brennan and Matt Poor

Tom and Karen Brigham

Marilyn Bronzi

Bruce Brown

Jane Brox

Curran Burfeind

Nancy Burroughs

Patrick and Pat Butler

Katie and Paul Buttenwieser

Rob Bywater

Karen Calby

Bartley and Katherine Calder

Julie Canniff and Karl Smith

Gena Canning

Keith and Maria Canning

Nancy M. Carey

Emily and Gregg Carville

Gail and Peter Cinelli

Anthony Cipollone

Jay Clark

Jay Clark

Zachary Clark

Lane and Brockway Clarke

Sarah Clarke and Xander Berkeley

Don Cohon

Dorian Cole

Sarah Comtois

John and Jenna Conley

Susan Conley and Tony Kieffer

Leah Coplon and Jake McNally

Chris Corbett and Manny Morgan

Sara Corbett and Mike Paterniti

Sarah Cotsen and Drew Watt

Dan Crewe

Sara Crisp and Gregg Lipton

Jenna Crowder

Glenn Cummings and Leslie Applebaum

Eliot and Melanie Cutler

Kirsten Cyr

Adrienne D'Amato

Sarah Daignault

Andrew David

Janice David

Carol De Tine and Roger Woodman

Chelsea H.B. DeLorme and Noah DeLorme

Maura DeNoia

Katherine Dettmann

Sheila and Bernard Devine

Sara Dickey and Pamelia S. Edgerton

Patricia Hille Dodd

Michael Donahoe

Deborah Pearse & Bruce Donath

Kim and Dan Dorsky

Gail and Donald Doyle

Moira Driscoll and David Pence, Jr.

Rich and Susanna Dubois

Kevin and Ellen Duffy

Heather Dunbar and David Vaughan

Dan Edwards

Mathew Elliot and David Torresen

Anya and Brandon Endsley

Theresa Endsley

Jeanne and John Evans

Betsy Evans Hunt and Christopher Hunt

Erin Farnham

John and Deborah Farnham

Kristen and Bob Farnham

Ashley Knight and Sherri Farris

Amy Favreau

Gibson Fay-LeBlanc and Renee LeBlanc

Molly Fedarko

Perryn Ferris

Christina Finneran

Ariana Fischer

Catherine Fisher

Dean and Janet Fisher

Taffy Fisher Field

Sue Fitzgerald

Charles Foehl and Sara Mayo

Anne Fowler and Sam Allen

Karin and Sanjeev Francis

Mary Fraser

Ruth Freeman

Celine Freuh

Charlotte Fullam

Lynne Garfinkle

Kate Gawler and Stuart McConnell

Kristine Gilbert

Hallie Gilman and Ned Flint

Eleanor Goldberg

Heather Goldberg

Michael and Jennifer Goldfinger

Abigail Greene Goldman

E. Kent Gordon

Rob Gould

Shazelle Goulet and Zach Davis

Mercedes Grandin

Ellen Grant and Kevin Carley

Pamela Grant

Mary Graves

Charley Griswold and Betsy Bland

Evan Griswold and Emily Fisher

Chuck and Linda Grossman

Mark Grover

Jeffrey Guerette

Mark Guerin

Ava Gurekian

Kim and Jim Gustafson

Caitlin Gutheil and Douglas Welch

Ilse Haag

Lisa Haberzettl

Bryce and Sarah Hach

Cyrus Hagge

Joyce Haley

Molly Haley

Arthur and Marianne Hamlin

Eric and Elizabeth Handley

Michelle Handley

Nancy Hannon

Andrea Hanson

Anja Hanson and Derek Pierce

Tom Hanson and Beth Kubik

Kendall and Deanna Harnett

Katie and Chip Harris

Perry Hart

Val Hart and Grace Valenzuela

Rebecca Meggie Harvey

Stephen Hayes and Carol McCarthy

Kimberly Haynes

Thomas and Susan Healy

Megan and Erik Hellstedt

Mary Herman and Angus King Jr.

Colleen Hicks

Marcia and Ricardo Hofer

Jean Hoffman

Jamie Hogan and Martin Braun

Alexandra Hollauer and Dan Piltch

Lynn Holman Nicholas

Ellen Honan and Richard Curry

Caroline Horner

Patty and Eddie Howells

W.D. and Christina Howells

Timothy Hughes and Christine Adele Willison Hughes

Nathaniel Hull and Reid Hayton-Hull

Jamie Isaacson and Kristen Isaacson-Lape

Amelia and Kenny Jackson

Judyta and Mariusz Jankowski

Rachel Jenkins

Kristin Jhamb and Paul Burns

Kelsey Halliday Johnson

Mari Jones and Robert Wolterstorff

Hannah Kalkstein

Janet Kalkstein

Alisan and Kevin Kavookjian

Rick Kaye-Schiess and Patricia Kaye-Scheiss

Maureen Kearney

Elizabeth Ketcher

Louise Kieffer

Ji Hyeong Kim

Lisa Kimball

Lily King and Tyler Clements

Peter Klein

Ashley Knight

Bob Knight

Kathryn Knight-Wise and KC Hughes

Edite Kroll

Amy and Jamie Kuhn

Celine and Chris Kuhn

Tina and Jerry Kuhn

Howard Kunin and Ann Dunne

Bree LaCasse and Chris Moore

Rebecca Lambert

Carolyn and Mike Lane

Cordelia Lane

Dixie Lane

Kathryn and Ottavio Lattanzi

Bill and Meg LaVergne

Patrick and Leigh LaVergne

James & Alexandra Lawrence

Annie Leahy and Mike Carey

Leeann Leahy

Jocelyn Lee

Dana Legawiec

Martha Leggat and Stephen J Barr

Ali Lerch

Sara Lerch

Jacob Lesser

Valerie  Levy

Renee Lewis and Chris Penny

Sara Lewis and Jen Goldman

Winky Lewis and Alex Millspaugh

Valerie Libby and John Wipfler

Tamothy Louten

Ben and Beth Lowenstein

Christopher and Elizabeth Lynch

Shelby and Scott MacLeod

Andrew and Katie Magoun

Elizabeth and Thomas Mahoney

Jennifer and Sean Mahoney

Barbara Malin

Kate Swan Malin and Ian Malin

Margo Mallar

Berry Manter

James F. Mason

Ben and Marcia Mastin

Jessica May

Roger Amory and Laura Mazikowski

Elizabeth McCandless

Laura McCandlish

Gavin and Kate McCarthy

Lisa and Matt McColley

Laura McDill

Chessell McGee

Jill McGowan and David Hembre

Alan McIlhenny, Jr. and Dr. Elizabeth M. Ackerson

Diane McKenna-Yasek

Melissa McStay and Carlos Gomez

Kirsten McWilliams and Scott Whited

Pierre and Liz Meahl

Donald Medd and Rachel Simons

Spencer and Shea Melnick

Cindy Mervis

Katharine Michaud

Maria Millefoglie

Brooke Miller and Shannon Knight

Charlie Miller

Roger and Margot Milliken

Meredith Minear

Thomas and Rita Molloy

Kate Moon

Libby and Bob Moore

Laura Moorehead

Molly Morell

Debby Moscariello

Elizabeth Moser

Helene Moses

Shana and Fortunat Mueller

Elizabeth Murphy

Josh and Marci Murphy

Lisa and Charles Murray

Stephan and Susan R Myers

Ali Naqui

Lydia Kann Nettler

Sally and Tom Newhall

Tammy Nicholas

Caroline Norden

Jeff Norris and Laura Newman

Catherine Richards Olney and Bob Olney

Nora Ordway

Debra Orosz-Seibel

Philip and Lydia Osgood

Allison and Lincoln Paine

Dick and Marianne Paterniti

Andrea and Todd Patstone

Nancy Payson

Helen Pelletier and John Spritz

Jeffrey and Sarah Peterson

Richard Peterson and Deb Rothenberg

Julie Pezzino and Andrew Butcher

Jack and Jane Phillips

Sarah Plimpton

Bonnie Porta and Bobby Monks

Juliana Post

Pasha Pourghasemi

Tania and Joe Powers

David Pratt

Alison and Todd Prawer

Peter Quesada and Deidre Fanning-Quesada

Ann Quinlan

Mitchell Rasor

Janet Rathbun

Joe and Paula Reilly

Anne Renna and Nicolas Owens

Theodore Renna

Nicole and Stephen Ritchie

Marilyn Moss Rockefeller

Alice Ross

Anita Ruff

Anne Russell

Richard and Barbara Russo

Erin Ryan

Ali Saccani

William Sanborn

Paul and Penelope Sarvis

Elisa Saslavsky

Mary Ann Scaccia

Sophia Scanlan

Gillian Schair and Seth D. Rigoletti

Ineke Schair

Erica Schair-Cardona and Ivan Cardona

Jenny Scheu and John Ryan

Liz Cotter Schlax

Sarah Schneider and Jim Haines

Tim Schneider and Morgan Lake Adams

Elizabeth and Edward Schuller

Peter Schuller

Joan Schwarz

Tobin Scipione and Soren Deniord

Maxine Sclar and Robert Yamartino

Kelly Scott

Jule Selbo & Mark Winkworth

Laurisa Sellers and Arnold Shore

Bonnye Sensenig

Charlie Seyffer

Gregory Sharkey

Laura E Shen

Heather Shields and Lee Lindenau

James Siegel

Moira Simonds and Mark Nordenson

Donna Simonetti

Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain and John McIlvain

Angela and Shawn Smith

Peg and Brad Smith

Onnolee and Larry Smith

Stacy Smith and Matt Arrants

Stephanie Smith

Robert Smyth

Colin and Kate Snyder

Jerry Sontag

Brian Sousa

Jim Sparks

Alice and Richard Spencer

Kenneth Spirer and Joan Leitzer

Yemaya St. Clair and Lucas St.Clair

Rachel Stettler

Beth Stickney and Ken Kunin

Timothy and Sarah Stickney

Stevan Stromsky

Lynn Sullivan

Mike Sullivan

John and Dorothy Sutton

Robert and Jean Swan

Virginia Swan

Owen Tabb and Nancy Curry

Sean and Jennifer Tabb

Susan Tananbaum

Edward and Sondra Taylor

Karen Tcheyan

Ann Teixeira

Jeff and Karen Thaler

Ruth Townsend Story

Stanley and Susan Trotman

Nina and Bob Trowbridge

Wilhelmina Ulbrich

Kristin and Warren Valdmanis

Erin and Christopher Van Wagenen

Judith and Dana Vanbever-Green

Andrea Vassallo

Kristin and Sean Venden

Alice and Geoff Wagg

Matt and Annie Ware

Susan Lee and Hans Warner

Karen and Stuart Watson

Sandy Weatherall

Keith Welch

Bess Welden and David Hilton

Nathaniel and Eugenia Wheelwright

David and Sandi Whiston

Emily Whiston

Noel and Jack White

Justin and Stephanie Whitlock

Kathleen and Todd Whitney

Rob and Robin Whitten

Gretchen Whittier

Kimberly Wickenden

Roger Wickenden

Ava Williams

Timothy and Elizabeth Williams

Emma Wilson

Margaret Wilson and Lloyd Van Lunen

Joe and Carol Wishcamper

Amy Woodhouse

Chris Woods

Therese Workman

Kathryn Yates

Robert Zager