Just Around the Corner

By: Gemma Shay

It's coming. I can feel it in the air, the chill of the frost that will soon cover the rigid soil.

It's coming. I can see the warm fog of my breath that lingers like a dream, but is soon conquered by the arctic cold.

It's coming. I can see the iciness clinging to the crunchy, dying grass like a leech slowly sapping everything that lives.

It's coming. In my mind I can picture the eerie, dreamlike quality of the white silence it brings.

It's coming. I can almost taste the delicious hot chocolate and the puffy marshmallows like icebergs in a boiling sea.

It's coming. I can sense every bit of its approach, The icy, dark, yet somehow strangely wonderful, winter.



A Hummingbird's Song

By: Danielle Elizabeth Torres

Delicate wings of feather they're made like petals of a flower intertwined amongst one another the placement of perfection Who could have known that those wings of fragility could carry the bird to lofty heights Weíre thankful for those wings to bring us song song of melancholy song of passion song of elation a chirp distinct by its pitch Resting on the branch the hummer is a rare one for there is no other with its power like sun to earth the bird brings light a feeling of emotion If nothing more at least a precious sight Beady eyes look down upon the Earth knowing all through experience the bird has something to say a story to be told Over rushing waters splitting the breeze with its path the bird gains wisdom through its travels.


By: Danielle Elizabeth Torres


In desperate search for the truth time is running out sprinting fast away from everything she knows leap across the ocean jog over the mountain's highest peak soar above the treetops faster faster the calmness is so thick the silence so strong her alone in the forest hunched over with hands on her knees giving up she breaths heavily gasps for breath, reaches for life looking up at the sky as the clouds part blackness is revealed one silver speck falls a moment later, disappears the answer with her all along straightening up she has received the strength to carry on.


By: Eli Penza-Clyve


A flash of a sword, The sound of a canon, Again and again It's the war of the night. And it keeps on going Through the night. Then finally it stops. The sound of a bird means surrender. 

My True Love

By: Daniella Kabongo

As the beats from my stereo system bump, the soul that’s inside of me begins to jump. When the music plays I move to a spiritual place, and my lips begin to move at a lyrical pace. I start communicating in musical tongue, rhythms’ got the hip-hop side of me sprung. Only those who know this can understand this, not just those who listen, but those who practice. Me and my music we like two as one unit, in its whole entirety people are two scared to pursue it. Its just like my past love I refused to forget, and the act of chasing after I will never regret. No greater love than this could ever commence, it lasts so much longer than a summer romance. My loyalty to music will forever stand, for as long as there are countless grains of sand. So I’ll lay down a bet that music my love, I’ll never leave even when push comes to shove.

Out to Lunch

By: Rachel Lloyd


I step outside. My wide rimmed sunglasses shield my eyes. Lunch in hand I walk. Salt fills my nose. I can hear cars running. I can feel the heat pounding on my shoulders. I should have worn sunscreen. Uneven boards move under my feet and I can see the reflection of a girl in the water. I come to my spot. Mussel shells are scattered everywhere. Taking out my lunch I see boats coming. My mouth tastes peanut butter. Yum! My cell phone rings but I don’t answer. I’m out to lunch.