By: Eva Marder

I feel comfortable speaking poetry.
My pencil willingly washes onto my paper
like seashells onshore.

Prose reaches for an explanation
but poetry severely questions.
Poetry gives hard answers,
hard realities,
but sometimes lame excuses
for repeating useless words.
Repeating words that are useless.

Poetry uses the firm grammar
of sonnets and Haikus,
though, I will never be fluent
in the weird syllables and meter
famed poets have issued.

Writing is often a learned skill,
but can appear as an inherent quality.
Despite my years in English class,
I struggle with basic prose
because my native tongue is poetry.


Eva Marder is 15 years old; she lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Some fun facts about Eva are she loves darkroom photography and dreams of being in Congress one day.