By: Kamila Martinez

     Screaming. LOUD into my pillow.
Tears you never have to look at,
my broken heart beating hard in my chest.

Nasty, naive, narcissistic, negative or
cold, candid, callous.

Walking miles in tight heels, the
words dig their way painfully into my heart.

When the words have torn me apart,
gasping for breath,
faking a smile proving, “I’m fine,”
with blisters on my toes and soul,

I listen to the words and feel their impact.
It feels like wildfire burning my already burnt skin.

Goodbye now!
I hope you heard my screaming and crying.

If you did then you broke me.
If you did then watch your mouth.
If you didn’t, have a good day.


Kamila Martinez is 15 years old; she lives in Wood Ridge, New Jersey.  Kamila is a cross country runner who writes in-between races.  She has a five year old pug who loves to binge Netflix and Disney movies with her.


image:Moein Moradi by Pexels