By: Dylan Kaufman

“Another swish, Scott. You have to teach me how to do that,” I exclaimed.

“He turned to me and smiled. Only if you help me with geometry. I hate that class.”

Scott and I were playing basketball at the park near our houses. We were neighbors, and best friends. I met Scott in Kindergarten, and our parents say that we have been inseparable ever since. This baffles me, because Scott and I are very different people. Scott is one of the stars of the basketball team at school. He was also what some people would call, a “lady-killer”. The one thing that was bad about Scott was that he had the IQ of a paperclip. The only reason he was passing was because I was helping him. I’m not the most athletic kid out there, but I like to think I make up for it with my brain. I never thought I was smarter than everyone else. I just thought that my entire grade was compiled of complete morons. I was what some people call a “nerd”.

“Are you going to Kimberly’s party?” I asked Scott.

“WIll, I swear, when will you realize that she doesn’t like me?” Scott complained.

“Jeez, Scott, you could have her. All you need is some help from Mr. William Allen.”

Kimberly was Scott’s crush since the fifth grade. She was the prettiest girl in our grade. Scott could never seem to talk to her. For a jock, he lacked confidence. That always surprised me about him.

“If you’re not going tonight, then you should come over. I’m working on something you should see. It’s going to change the world.” I told Scott.

“Fine, but if this one explodes like last time, I’m going to hurt you.” I looked at him and laughed.

“No,” I said, “you’re not.”


“Scott, where in the world are you? I have been calling you all night!”

It was 8:30 at night and Scott still had not arrived at my house. I was getting very angry, which did not happen often.

“Jeez, man! I’m walking into your house now. But there’s someone else here…”

Suddenly, the door opened, and I did not believe what I saw.

“Hi, Will!” said Kimberley.

“Uh, hi Kim. Scott, a word please?” Scott walked over to me.

“What’s up?” he said.

“What is she doing here?” I complained.

“Will, you won’t believe it. I took your advice and asked her out, and she said yes! I was so happy and I couldn’t breathe and I thought I was having a heart attack and-”

“Breathe, Scott,” I interrupted, “ breathe.”

After taking a deep breath, he continued.

“I was taking her back to my house when you called me the twenty-second time. She asked who it was, so I told her. She was ecstatic. Apparently, she is a science geek, like you.”

I looked back at her. She didn’t look like a science geek, but no one relatively popular was a geek I was aware of, so I guess I was excited.

“Fine,” I said after mulling it over, “she can stay.”

“So,” Scott began, “what is it?”

“It’s an atomic particle acceleration gene advancement and molecular endocrinology device!” I exclaimed. They both looked at me with extreme confusion.

“Oh, umm, APAGAME for short. It basically has the capability to change the DNA in teenagers into something else.”

“What do you mean, “else”?” asked Kimberley.

“I’ll tell you when I figure it out.”

“Let’s try it!” suggested Scott.

“Are you insane? It could kill us. The radiation itself could turn you into the Hulk!” I proclaimed.

“Seriously? Awesome! How does it work?” he asked. I sighed.

“Well, you put your thumb here. The plate it’s on examines your thumbprint and scans your molecular data. This chamber up here contains protons, neutrons and electrons that, if in the correct order, could be inserted into you and change your DNA.”

“Wow!” Scott exclaimed. “Can we try?”

“I guess… but it’s risky, like I said.”

“I’m in,” said Kimberly, “maybe it will work?”

“C’mon, Will. Please…?” begged Scott.

“Fine. Kimberly, put your thumb here. Scott, here. Me, there. Let me turn it on and… alright , it’s on. So… let’s just try changing all our hair to blonde. Ok, here we go!”

I ran to where I was supposed to go.

“Ok, guys, here we go!”

The machine roared to life. Buttons began to glow. Things were whirring and buzzing all over the place. It was working. I looked at Kimberly and saw her dark black hair began to turn blonde.

“It’s working!” I shouted. “It’s working!”

“Will, where are your parents?” Scott asked.

“Out to dinner!” I yelled.

“Ouch!” yelled Kimberly! “It’s starting to hurt!”

“Yeah, me too!” said Scott.

I realized that my thumb was hurting too. The lights were very bright. The machine was getting too loud. I looked to my right to check the radiation levels. They were too high. WAY too high.

“Oh, no! There’s too much radiation!” I shouted.

Then there was a flash of light, and everything went dark.


“I think he’s waking up.”

“Oh, there he is. How do you feel Will?”

“What?” I opened my eyes and saw my parents. I looked around. I was not in my room anymore. I was in a weird place. I finally realized that I was in a hospital.

“What happened?” I asked.

“One of your experiments exploded,” my dad told me, “one of the neighbors saw it and called 911.”

“Where are Scott and Kimberley?”

“Scott and KImberly are fine. They didn’t black out like you, in fact, they didn’t have many injuries besides some cuts. The only neat thing that happened to all of you is that your hair turned blonde.”

It worked! I thought to myself. It actually worked!

“How long was I out?” I asked them.

“About 3 days.” my mother responded.

“3 days?!” I shouted. “I have to get to school!”

I hopped out of bed. Luckily, my parents had brought me my clothes and my backpack.

“You can’t leave, Will! You just woke up!” They told me.

“I feel fine!” I said back. “I’ll text you after school!”

I raced out of the hospital. I ran down the stairs and out the door. When I stepped outside, I knew exactly where I was. School was 5 miles away and it started in two minutes. So, I ran. I wasn’t running fast enough. I kept going. Faster, faster, faster. Until it happened. I felt a burst of speed, and I took off. I was running at least 100 miles per hour. I saw blue lightning around me. Everything went by so quick. I looked at my feet, and they were blurry. I couldn’t see them because of how fast I was moving. Suddenly, my feet left the ground. I was still moving as fast as I was when they were on the floor. I was flying.  I got to school in at most twenty seconds. I tried to stop, but landed in a bush on accident. I stood up, wiped off the dirt, and went through the back entrance. Luckily, no one saw me.

I mulled over what had just happened. I knew something had happened to me during the explosion. The protons and electrons probably compounded with my cell neutrons, then the radiation binded them together through dehydration synthesis. The excess water was then exposed to the radiation, mutated, and then inserted into my genetic code. This must have caused me to develop extraordinary abilities, or ‘superpowers’. Basically, I was exposed to radiation.

I needed to find Kimberly and Scott to see if they were like me. I went to Scott’s locker.

“Scott!” I yelled across the hallway. He looked at me and smiled.

“Will! You’re awake! Listen, we have to talk, something weird is happening to me and Kimberly. I think we have-

“Superpowers, I know. Let’s meet after school and talk about it.”

After school, I met up with them in the cafeteria.

“So, Kimberly, what are your symptoms?”

“Well,” she began, “ I was making a sandwich when I cut myself by accident. I reached for the band-aids in my cabinet. but they flew into my hand first.!”

“Telekinesis! Very nice. How about you, Scott?”

“Well, I was playing basketball outside, I shot the ball, and it sailed over a few blocks and landed in the lake. I jumped up to stomp on the ground, and I flew 50 feet in the air.”

“Wow, enhanced strength. Very nice.”

“How about you, Will? What do you have?” asked Kimberly.

“I was running to school from the hospital this morning when I saw flashes of lightning behind me. I must have been moving very fast, and then, my feet left the ground. I think I can fly.”

“Lucky…” said Scott. “So what should we do first? Rob a bank? Steal a car?”

“What? No, we don’t use our powers, ever. Only if we need to, ok?” I told them.

“Will, you have superpowers. We have superpowers. Don’t you want to be kings? We could rule the entire world.” he said.

“No. Scott. That’s terrible.”

“Yeah, right, like you’re so perfect. Call me when you come to your senses. You coming, Kim?”

Kim looked up at him but didn’t move. He scowled and slapped her in the face. She flew a couple feet back.

“Kim!” I shouted. I ran to her. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah… yeah, I’m fine.” she told me. I looked up at Scott.

“Scott! Come over here now!” I shouted. Scott came over. His face was grave. I knew that he regretted what he had done. Kimberly didn’t. She slapped him.

“What is wrong with you?” she hollered. “We have the chance to be part of something bigger than us, and you want to rule the world instead of helping people? Shame on you!”

“Kim,” I said to her, “Scott has always been like this. He’ll be fine. In his heart, he wants to do the right thing.”

Suddenly, I heard a noise. Sirens. Screaming. Gunshots. I knew what I heard was not close to me, but was in the city.

“Scott! There is trouble in the city. I need you to carry Kim and jump to downtown. I’ll meet you there.” He nodded.

I ran as fast as I could. I felt the wind on my face, the energy around me. I ran until what I heard was right next to me. I looked up, and saw a bank. There were many police officers surrounding it, and S.W.A.T. teams were arriving. It occurred to me that the bank was being robbed.

“Hey, get out of here, kid!” the police chief screamed at me. “There is a man in there with 20 hostages and a bomb strapped to his chest!”

“Really?” I asked. I quickly ran inside the building, grabbed each hostage one at a time, and ran out. The look on the chief’s face was priceless.

“’d you do that?” he asked me in complete awe.

“Well, I like to sprint sometimes, run a couple of laps, you know. The usual stuff.”

“Thanks for helping out with the hostages, but there is still a man inside with a bomb strapped to him.” The chief was worried, I could tell. He had some kind of look on his face.

Finally, Scott and Kim showed up.

“Ok, guys. Here’s the plan: Kim, you rip off a wall of the bank with your telekinesis. I’m going to run in, take off his bomb-thing, and get out. Scott, you go in after me and hold him. Ready? Break!”

We executed the plan perfectly. It seemed like we had done it a million times. When the police had the bomber, the journalists came rushing towards us.

“Who are you?” One of them asked.

“For now, we’re not sure,” I said, “all you need to know is that we are here to help.”