By: Clautel Buba & Yann Tanguy Irambona

Two Maine international high school students, Clautel who is originally from Cameroon and Yann from Burundi, have produced a radio piece on "what it feels like to be gay." This topic came about for them when they went out on the streets to do a Telling Room vox pop audio project. One group asked "Tell me a story about when you did something for the very first time." They met a middle-aged woman who spoke of when she first went to a gay bar in the 1970's and how it was the first time she felt accepted, understood, and a part of something in her whole life. Our student, Clautel, was blown away by this and couldn't believe she had gone through so much of her life not feeling understood. Clautel wanted to know more - so he and Yann invited three LGBTQ Portlanders in to be interviewed about the topic. These students are part of our program called Young Writers & Leaders, for international high school students living in Portland, Maine. More info on the program here: