By: Maude Meeker

Everyday, people walk on me. Some of them walk fast, some take their time, and some are just wandering. I’m a common fixture in almost every part of the world, But the people who walk on me are anything but common. They have so many thoughts, so many plans, and so many goals. They dream big, reach for the clouds, but their heads so high in the sky, That they forget about me: the simple, cobble-stoned sidewalk beneath their feet. Their eyes are so busy turning up, to bigger and better things, that sometimes I think they’ve forgotten to look down. They never stop to think and consider the possibility that I could maybe recognize and remember all the stories of the people that have passed over me. I see so many thoughts, so many dreams, so many smiles, so many tears, so many footsteps. But no one ever thinks about the sidewalk. No one considers the fact, that maybe, there isn’t enough sidewalk for everyone.