By: Eddie Xu

Under the elm
lie a child and a mother.
“Will the day come?”
“Yes, it will.
Do you see the stars?
They are sparks in the sky.
They ignited long time ago
to enlighten the people,
and bring hope to the dark time.”

“Then why are they disappearing?”
“Because even a star has its life.
Like us they perish,
but they bring light in their time.”

The child smiles.
So does the mother.
“Survive the dark,
and the light will come
to our side.”

The little boy stares
at the raging fire.
His mother lies
peaceful and serene
after a torture to her mind
for people seeing through
the eternity of dark.

“Aren’t you afraid?”
asked the priest aside.
“No, she just ignites herself
like the spark in the sky.
She gives us the light,
and, one day, so shall I,”
said the boy;
cried his heart.



Eddie Xu is 16 years old; he lives in Nanjing, China.  Eddie attends the Foreign Language School British Columbia Academy; he writes about society and the conscience, but only after 10 p.m. Sometimes he is inspired by literature where animals appear as symbols to criticize societal issues.

Image by Kyuubicreeper from Pixabay