By: Kiana Joler



I kindle and wither at your request

I torch and burn at your dismay

I cannot touch without suffering

I can only suffer without touch

I bring agony and distress

I live with only affliction and desolation

Life is filled with pain and envy of those who surround me

Life is filled with control and helplessness from myself

I can only hold on

Hold on to my sanity and pride

Let go of my worries and cares

Staying until I am released

Without fight or hatred

Without surrender or love

Holding on until my blaze is doused

Until I am set free

Set free.




I'm drowning in the sea of pain

I'm screaming into the smoke for anyone to hear

I'm crying to the heavens waiting for an answer

I'm still trying at my will's end 

I'm still awaiting answers that I asked for years ago

I'm still burning in the fire that has blazed for an eternity

I am still tired

My exhaustion has lasted it's own lifetime 

A lifetime of pain and dismay with only glimpses of happiness

The glimpses keep me going

Going on and awaiting the next moment as patiently as possible

Until then, I try

I try to continue

Because that's all we do

Continue until we can't 

Until we can't try anymore

Until we can't.