By: Kimora Thompson


Every human has secrets and scars—battle scars that we carry around with us. They don't fade away.Those scars make us…well, us. They're a part of our stories, they're the conflicts that we got over. Our scars are the stories that people don't understand. We draw a picture with a blade and knife with our skin being the canvas. Only we understand the drawing and the mess of blood. We have to hide those pictures under sweatshirts and pants because no one will understand the scars and the feelings that come with those scars, and label us as emos, suicidal, or freaks.

Our scars are tattoos that are just better stories because they mean something. scars remind you of where you've been, they don't have to dictate where you’re going.From every wound there is a scar that tells a story. A story that says, I survived. Maybe I got these scars from being a veteran in the Iraq war, maybe I got angry or depressed and self-inflicted pain on myself, but I have the scars to show for it. A scar tells a story saying, I survived. Want to know how I got these scars? No, the question is: what scars do you have?