By: Addy Lee

I am filled with raindrops with


Colored leaves

I am like a paintbrush snaking through

pools of color


Or confusion

I seem like a yellow pencil

scribbling words in color

Words made

with sweet smelling sunshine

I am a purple

star-deprived sky filled

with cotton candy clouds

Clouds disappear into the darkness

I am filled with raindrops




onto the rough pavement

Sometimes I am a red paint bucket brimming

with vibrant colors


Gushing out of every corner

Rushing Into every room

Always changing

an art museum that hangs new pictures each day.

I seem like a watermelon red marker


Dries out

Never ending brilliance

I am an unlit

dark room


With fireflies

An orange, warm fire

A beach ball sun.

Flying through the sky,

Pounding a rhythm on the roof

I am filled with raindrops.


Addy Lee is 11 years old and lives in Seattle, WA, USA. Some fun facts about Addy is that she has lived in Seattle her whole life and she loves music and cats.