By: Morgan Fillis

Not just for marines
but for teens with crooked pasts.
A life-long sentence
filled with life-long weakness and flashbacks.
Flashbacks to the day he wouldn’t take no for an answer,
the day that daddy raised his fist,
or the day that your sister left with no goodbye.
Just so she was happy instead of you.

They say get over it, as if it's easy.
The pain,
the memories,
and the abuse are carved into our minds and onto our skin.

Get over it?
I wish I could.
Just try not to think about it.
But the silence is a killer too.
The instance played out in our heads
clear enough to believe it happened yesterday.
A cycle of fear that feels never ending
without a gunshot
or prescription meds.
A ticking time bomb
and a game of chance.
Sit back and watch the ptsd entrance.

Morgan Fillis is 15 and lives in Mount Angel, Oregon.