By: Gaby Baez

The sun was bright. It shone through the curtains. The room was so quiet you could hear the little birds tweeting from outside. I tried to open my eyes, but the room was so bright that I couldn’t. I pressed my face back against the pillow. I let my eyes get some light so I could get use to it.

When I got up, I opened the curtains and woke up my friends. Ashley threw a pillow at me and said, “Leave Me Alone ! It’s too early!” But it was already 11:00am. We had gone to sleep so late the night before that the time flew by that morning. We couldn’t go back to sleep again, so we turned on the TV.

After a while we got kind of hungry so we got up, brushed our teeth, and went down stairs to find something to eat. When Ashley went to open the refrigerator door, she found a little note on the door from her mom. It said, “Dear girls I went out to buy some things and I won’t be back for a while. Pancakes are in the cabinet if you ladies want any. See you soon! From, Mom.” Since there was no one in the house, we decided to put some music on to dance to. We picked ‘On The Floor’ by Jennifer Lopez, and then we went to look for the bag of pancakes.

We looked everywhere until we finally found them. We opened the fridge and took out the milk and eggs and started mixing the pancake mix. We poured the flour into a basket. Ashley poured the milk and I cracked the eggs. The batch got harder and harder to mix because it was thickening. After mixing the pancake mix we poured it on a little pan to cook them. While they were cooking, we decided to step outside for some fresh air.

It was so warm out. The sun was super bright. It was our first week of summer vacation and summer was actually here; the only good thing about Maine. We said we would sit down and get a quick two minute tan, but it was so quiet and peaceful that we forgot about the time. Out of nowhere we heard a loud alarm beeping. We freaked out and ran into the house. It was a pancakes disaster !!

We’d forgotten about them and they had burned! There was smoke everywhere and we were scared. We opened all the windows and brought the pancakes outside. The alarm stopped beeping and we calmed down. We picked up the mess we’d made and started a new batch, but this time we watched them very carefully. When they were done, we sat at the table and ate our pancakes with bacon. When we were done eating we continued with our “Sun Tanning”.

A while later Ashley’s mom came and she asked us “How was your morning girls? What have you done?” We answered her with laughter.