By: Simona Ickia Ngaullo









There she stands, with tears in her eyes.
Talking to him, as this sleepless and anxious night arises.
Gloomy and dark as if a storm was making its way in the air.
A night to be remembered.
There he stands, with joy on his face.
Giggling and smiling, waiting for mama to tell one of her famous stories.
Sad and dark night, nothing could take away his joy.
A night to be remembered.

There she is, shaking and scared,
wishing he didn’t have to go now.
At that moment, age is not a barrier.

For her seven means sweet and unoffending.
Seven means stainless and guiltless, blameless and young.
For them, seven means virile and rough,
seven means responsible and though, rigorous and violent.

He is too young to understand
that he is embarking on a boat where,
the return and tomorrow are not promised.
But in situations like this,
he is forced to fight to survive.

She trembles with fear in her heart,
talking about how obscure, large and dry the cave is.
A cave that makes you cold hearted and careless,
where your innocent hands are washed in blood.

She tells him:
“As this cave extends deep underground, so your fear should reside”.
He looks at her with eyes wide open
and his head tilted to the side,
listening and trying to put the pieces together.
She knows he doesn’t understand,
but hopes that her words will forever be kept in his heart.

He starts crying,
it is time for goodbyes.
Ignorant about what awaits for him,
she tells him she loves him,
He tells her he loves her.
A mama only wants what’s best for her son, but in situations like this,
she is forced to do otherwise.
He stares at her, cementing this moment in his memory.
A gloomy dark night, his mama’s wet cheeks.
He says, “It is a night to be remembered."

Simona Ickia Ngaullo is a 17 year old girl, living in Maine. She is originally from the Republic of Congo. Aside from dancing, writing is the biggest part of her life, anbd has been since 7th grade. She strongly believes that she can change the world with her words.