By: Daniella Kabongo

As the beats from my stereo system bump, the soul that’s inside of me begins to jump. When the music plays I move to a spiritual place, and my lips begin to move at a lyrical pace. I start communicating in musical tongue, rhythms’ got the hip-hop side of me sprung. Only those who know this can understand this, not just those who listen, but those who practice. Me and my music we like two as one unit, in its whole entirety people are two scared to pursue it. Its just like my past love I refused to forget, and the act of chasing after I will never regret. No greater love than this could ever commence, it lasts so much longer than a summer romance. My loyalty to music will forever stand, for as long as there are countless grains of sand. So I’ll lay down a bet that music my love, I’ll never leave even when push comes to shove.