By: Analise Braddock


The earth has a mind of its own,
Speaking to us,
Each sound, its own meaning.

Today I heard its heartbeat,
As an apple fell from a tree,
Like a gift into my hands.

I thanked it,
Always talking, whether we listen or not,
Its words a puzzle only you can solve.

I hear the cry of animals, in pain or joy.
I hear the sound of silence, striking me.
I hear the weather as it comes, gentle and warm, or cold and violent

I listen to the plants,
Growing with each shower
To become something beyond us.

Earth notices each movement.
It listens to everyone, even you.
It hears your thoughts,
All your fears and worries,
All you joy and passions.

Most of all, listen carefully.
The earth speaks,
With a mind of its own.


Analise Braddock is 10 years old and from Katonah, New York. She has four pets and some day she dreams of becoming a screenwriter. 

Photo by Louis from Pexels