By: Shamir Anzures

I was born in June/17/1998 in Mexico. I lived there in Puebla in the middle of Mexico for three years. It was so beautiful and also had good weather to go in the water , the breeze with fresh air. One day, my mom and dad told me we had to move because we were so poor and that we were going to lose our house. So we all got packed and ready to leave. It was hard to leave every relative and uncle and aunt. I cried when I had to say good-bye to my grandfather and grandmother.

It was the first time going on a plane. It felt so funny going up. We got to America at 12 in the morning. Good thing my dad knew a friend in New York that we could stay with.
About a month later, my dad and his friend decided to look for a house for us and they decided to look in Maine. It took them six hours to get there to look for a perfect house and then after the six hours, my dad called us from Maine and told us he had found a perfect house. It was a big red house that had 2 floors and lots of rooms and he’d bought it. I was excited.
I never knew what would it be like in Maine. Maybe good fresh air. Maybe a place where we can play or maybe one day have our first dog. We packed up our stuff and left New York. It was a long trip and I was so tired, I felt asleep the whole ride.

When I woke up, I opened the window and felt the cool fresh air. I saw trees all over. We were getting out of the car and I saw neighbors welcoming us. They were so nice and helped us with every kind of thing we needed. But I still missed my family and I knew right then they still missed us.

Our neighbors were very nice and they helped us a lot. They even helped my brother and I speak more English. The neighbors found us an elementary school to go to and jobs for my mom and dad. Now, I always hang out with my family and we have a lots of fun. My family and I like Maine–the peace and quiet, not much going on and not much crime.