By: Rebecca Huang
The shot rings out in place of a bell.
Left, right, left. 
The sound of our boots and the heart-wrenching cries blend together into one cacophonous symphony
And we march to its beat. 
One by one the students fall into the onslaught of indifference.
As the cannons fire in the fields
Where fallen comrades lay mangled and broken and
But this time the bloody sacrifices will not go unaccounted for.
In our Sherman’s march, we will blaze a path of solidarity
Trailing behind us a scarlet line 
On our trek to the Capitol.
When will you Kings on the mount of the hill
finally open your eyes to the suffering that surrounds you?
You have locked yourselves away in a glass cage.
Do the walls mute the cry of our brethren?
When you wake up every morning and see the sunrise,
Do you think about the all the sunrises they will
never see?
How much longer will it take before the broken shards of their dreams break through your wall of apathy?
He claimed that the devil made him do it.
What about you?
One day your cage will shatter from the pressure of our pain.
One day your cage will shatter.
Rebecca Huang is 16 and lives in Darnestown, Maryland.