By: J. L Von Ende

Leftover Snack

I know
At least
4 things about pigeons.

I know
That the one who sits in the flower boxes
Off Michelle street
Is named Fernando,
And prefers toast crusts to bagel crumbs
(Unless it’s raining out).

I know
That the cluster around my bus stop
Has a book club every Tuesday.
They munch ground coffee and read lines of Frankenstein
Until they must catch the train home.

I know
That the one who pecked at my foot Sunday morning
Was asking me to share my blueberry muffin.
I wasn’t going to finish it anyway.

I know
That there are a million people in this city,
And I am one of the masses,
On the train, on the bus, in the traffic.

I know
I prefer to share my company
With some charcoal doves
And a packet of French fries.



J. L Von Ende is a 17-year-old from Virginia.