By: Eden Gately


With tongues blossoming

I feel your energy bursting through my nerves

I feel butterflies in me fluttering

and I sense your cold skin between our clothes


Take me in to fuse our souls

Let me warm your insides

Show me how to let your heart be my own

Let us share a voice

Take all I have and hold it close


With lavender pumping in our veins

I feel your shivers against my goosebumps

My butterflies have now turned into birds

and I open my eyes to meet yours


Take me into your universe

Let me be apart of it from the inside

Show me your favorite place, your favorite melody

Let my heart pump your lavender flood

Take all of my being and hold it forever


In the oneness of this moment

the birds in my stomach crash into one another

and I sense you through the peach fuzz

that keeps us two beings


Take me for an everlasting journey

Let me question how our worlds met

Show me how infinite our days are

Let my feet touch the ground besides yours

and take my hand as we walk to find the freshly blossomed lavender


Eden Gately currently attends the Pacific Northwest College of Art and is from Saratoga Springs, New York.