By: Cerissa DiValentino


We danced barefoot in the sand until moon rise,

Our toes touching and our fingers locked,

Our tongues playing against the heart of our cheeks.


We sang songs about our youth,

Talking of each other’s oldest scars and our ancient memories,

About what land the soles of our feet have touched,

About what skies our lungs have kissed.


We locked eyes,

A pool of mahogany brown mixing in a bowl of icy blue,

Diamonds sparkling in the liquid like roses dripping from a vine.


We admired the way the moon danced upon the water,

The glossy and sharp tips of the waves

Stabbing at the air’s fresh lungs,

Poking holes in its abdomen,

Cutting into its heart.


There were daffodils and the smell of fresh lilac in the clouds,

Showering us in scent so divine,

A scent so strong and soothing.


We rested in the palm of the earth,

In peace rather than at war,

Relaxing in the light of the moon rather than running.


We became night fairies,

Angels of the dark,

Keepers of the moon,

Owners of the stars.


Cerissa DiValentino is a 17 year old attending New Paltz High School in New Paltz, New York.