By: Mayele Alognon


The water around my kayak was green and I could see little fish swimming around, minding their own business and paying no attention to my anxiety or me. I was alone in the middle of the lake. I could see land but it was a long way away.  
My hearing was not at its best: all the noises around me were ten times as loud as they were the minute before. I could almost hear the flapping of the wings of the birds above. I could hear a speedboat in the distance and fellow campers screaming from amusement. I imagined a large wave coming my way; my arms were exhausted. “Stay calm, stay calm!” I  whispered to myself. 
I closed my eyes. I needed to calm down. My tranquility was interrupted by the sound of another kayak crashing into mine, making me fall into the shallow water. I stood up quickly. It was my friend, Ellia. “Where’d ya go?” she asked.
“Uh, nowhere. I got lost!” I stared at her, wondering where the rest of the kayakers were and how they did not realize that we  weren’t with them.
“Yeah, I know. Now we’re lost...together.” We pulled our kayaks onto the shore with the setting sky behind us reflecting almost all the colors of the rainbow mixing into one big mess. We sat on the sand, eyeing the melting sky, waiting for the other kayakers to miss us.