By: Laura Bond

If all men are created equal,

Why are people discriminated for their race or gender?

Women are told to cover up

Women are told to be modest.

Who told the men to chill and that we aren’t toys to play with?


Some men are like dogs

Barking at girls

Telling us how pretty we are when we don’t know them

Making us very uncomfortable

I’m done with the stereotypes

I’m done being catcalled on the street.

I’m done being afraid of my body.


If this is “the home of the free,”

Why did gay people only recently get the right to marry?

Cars screaming to a stop so people can yell discriminating words.

How would they like it if I complained?

But I don’t


I’m done with being scared

I’m done with being provoked

I’m done with walking alone and being scared.

I hate being bullied for who I am.


Call me fat,

Call me ugly


I don’t care.


Say what you like

I’ll just accept it!

I am fat.

Fabulous and terrific.

I’m done with the hate.

I’m done with the hurt.


Why are we not all seen as the same?

We are on the inside.


Laura is 14 and lives in Wyoming.