By: Mason Kluge-Edwards

“See you soon.”
“We’ll make it work.”
“I love you.”
Promises written,
Meant to be kept,
Meant to bring hope,
Meant to show trust.
But things aren’t always as they seem.
It sits on the side of the street.
Its cold, blue exterior holding a pit of hollow expectance.
Unseen factors push promises from truth.
Feelings. Time. Distance…
Work their way, to be in the way.
Statements once true, turn false.
Only saved by hope, longing, love.
We wait for words on paper to fill its insides.
Wait for words of meaning, of feeling, to come to us.
Words are strong.
Words leave marks on peoples’ hearts,
On peoples’ souls.
But words can hurt.
Even if they’re not formed as weaponry.
They have meaning.
Meant to cause happiness,
Meant to cause hope.
But not always kept,
Not always true.
Sometimes they hurt.