By: Emma Dawson-Webb



Green wallpaper curled in moldiness,

Radiates anticipation.

Intense eyes never yielding, 

Send them spiraling into chaos:

Both the beholder 

And the startling emerald paper.


A young woman aged by imagination 


In self-pity 

and machinations 

that overestimate her importance.

Green encases her, 

Into madness.


The rotting scent of the viridescent corpses sugars the house,

Like creeping fog, stillness rolls in.


Violent gore in idyllic wealth,

Green toxins trap, blinding her, 

To the border between life and death.

She does not sense the anguished bodies 

Covered in poisonous holes beside her. 

Marionette bodies 

To cure a loneliness 

She doesn’t know she has.


Emma Dawson-Webb is 15 years old and livs in Kittery, Maine, USA. Fun facts about Emma is that she loves all things related to color and she has a passion for writing stories and poetry based on historical events.