I set my mind free
let my imagination roam
the only beasts in my thoughts
are the fears
the ones that grasp
and disturb
every clear image i’ve ever had
they get stashed away
hidden in the back of my head
until i’m alone again
it’s like when a dam breaks
the stress cracks the walls around me
my whole world shakes
there’s a lot to hide
and keep safe
my emotions plummet
like water
destroying everything around me
then for a moment
like a motor with no oil
I seize
All my counterparts shatter
my insides stop
take a deep breath
gain back my self control
and clean up this mess
reconstruct the broken dam
and rebuild who I am.
start off with a stronger foundation
filled with metal and concrete
to be sure this won’t happen again
then comes my morales and values
the basis to what’s right
what goes around comes around
an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind
I’ve learned by experience
the common sense that I have
I don’t believe in god
but I do have a faith.
to be reborn into the Earth
in a brand new place
until I find the peace I’m searching for
and what if I don’t?
I’ll just blindly follow the world
No escaping the hell we know
Until times clock stops ticking
and the stars stop their show
Now my fears have a hold
of my conscience by the throat
The dam is cracking
The cycle continues.