By: Agnes Garrett

Soulmates are a tricky thing.
Whether platonic or romantic
everyone seems to have one.

A common trope, appealing to old
and young alike.
An idea that the stars, maybe the universe,

Created someone for you.
With souls intertwined, like vines on a lampost,

Your soulmate
Is fated to belong to you,
your own perfect match.

But you may never meet.
Star-crossed lovers may never meet,
a cruel joke.

A soulmate who was made for you,
but nothing was said about being together.

Their identity, unbeknownst to you.
like person meets person and your heart knows.

It could be the boy in the record store with
cuffed jeans and scuffed sneakers,
hair reaching his shoulders.

It could be the girl working in the bookstore,
surrounded by the smell of dust and old paper.

Could have been an old crush,
one you hoped to be something more.
It was just wishful thinking.

Maybe you’re one of the few that get lucky.
Meeting the one, and you two just fit perfectly.

Maybe you’re one of the unlucky ones,
crushed by the feeling that the one you wanted
didn’t belong to you.

Wanting to scream, “I defy you stars!”
Á la Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet, shaking your fist
to the sky.

You long to have a roadmap,
of who you are going to be with,
of the person who comes once in a lifetime.

In your lifetime.


Agnes Garrett is 17 years old; she lives in Richmond, Texas.  Some fun facts about her are -- she loves the show, "Parks and Recreation," and she speaks French.