By: Emily Sandberg





Echo Sonnet to the Past




From where may I begin what’s done?                           None.
And from there, tackle pain or relief?                              Grief.
But will I accept or will I shun,                                         Run.
If in my heart, there remains only one charred leaf.        Leave.
Birds encircle the mind to no avail,                                  Fail.
Aiming and floundering, stepping with haste,                  Hate.
Yellow eyes fixed upon the unspoken trail,                      Ail.
For is this the journey or is it waste?                               Wait.
Glad are you that time cannot reverse?                          Worse.
From now I’d leap, falling forward, converse.                  Curse.
For now the barrier constricts me here,                           Hear.
But I feel you pushing, saving from fear.                          Near.

I feel your words when my mind slips back,                     Back.
But for the future moments, your words, I lack.                Back.


Inspired by “An Echo Sonnet to an Empty Page” by Robert Pack


Emily Sandberg is 17 years old and is from Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA. Some fun facts about Emily is that she has three dogs that are all poodles, and her favorite band is The Shins.