By: Anusha Upadhyayula

A strange land of familiarity
Yet ever unpredictably changing
Flowing in deep rivers of memory
Where our minds reside and start creating
A new universe yet to be explored
Where dogs talk and stars play merry-go-round
Where I’m not a puppet to be controlled
A place to live in is what I have found
Free from any responsibility
I can become anything I wish
If I believe there’s possibility
The time when all my fantasies come true
Happening in both darkness and daylight
I can envision a future that’s bright


Anusha Upadhyayula is 13 years old and lives in Campbell, California. She goes through phases where she can't pen her thoughts fast enough. She loves to read, volunteer with shelter animals, and watch Bollywood movies. 
Image by Comfreak from Pixabay