I am the ocean, blue as can be.

Every morning, I wait for the sun to hit me perfectly while I rest
and wait for the rest of the day to arrive peacefully.

Two times a day I rise and fall,
Once in the morning and once at nightfall.

All of the time, I can hear the sound of creatures gliding through me,
Once in a while, running into a buoy,

The dolphins, racing as fast as can be in and out of me,
The crabs, wrestling on my sandy bottom,
This is what makes me.

I am the Ocean, blue as can be.

What I love most is the feeling of the sun rising and hitting my surface.
When this happens, it’s bound to be a good day, nonetheless.

I see people come and take pictures of me; and pose in font of me
Through this grey wired boundary.

A lot of people love to swim on my shores,
Whether it is in the warm Gulf of Mexico or the chilly waters of Maine,
I will always know what I am known for:

The soaring birds that fly above me, the ships that sail through me;
This is all a part of what makes me so Earthly.

I am the Ocean, blue as can be.

Caitlin Merrill, 13
Scarborough Middle School
Scarborough, Maine