By: Nicholas Kerns

Brother won’t you stay with me
Brother won’t you say good-bye
Must you journey into manhood

Is what we share worth less,
less than the evils of this world?

I thought
I thought you were older than me
I thought you were going to stay
Stay and be my Brother

We shared brotherhood
We shared love
We share blood

I thought
I thought you were better
You thought that too
But I guess you forgot
Forgot to look after me
To care for me

I thought long and hard
Perhaps you’d rather drink cheap wine
Than drink from the cup of wine we made together
Instead, you drink from the cheap cold careless cup
The cup of loveless stupid wine

But go and drink
Drink into the coma of manhood
Blind yourself with drink

I am no judge
But I know what’s right, Brother
I thought better, Brother

So I thought
I thought


Nicholas Kerns is 14 and lives in Georgia.