By: Emily McKeon

For a fleeting moment, the hues of the sky appeared so brilliantly blue. Her spirit took on the color, willing it to chain itself to her emotions, hoping against all odds that this feeling of serenity would remain a foreigner no longer.
Contained within the orbs of a child, the soft waves cutting through the vastness of ocean, the wings of a jay flitting through the forsaken garden, the hue blazed with an intensity for a moment long enough to brand her forever a child of the sapphire.
Oh, how she longed to become a citizen of the light side of the spectrum. Farewell to the shadows; henceforth to the kingdom of solitude.
This pit, the one contained within her being, consumed all. She knew not of friendship nor the joy of laughter. She wept and she longed and she screamed; yet nothing appeared of the light to guide her by the wrist to the place of peace.
It was lonely and it was dark, but the times of brilliant blue would lift her higher, closer to the bright side.


Emily McKeon is a junior at Point Pleasant Borough High School in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.