By: Zachariah Curtis


Who am I? I’m The Big Bad Lobster of The North. Where do I live? Deep in the sea, somewhere you’re not. Why haven’t I gotten caught? Well, you try to catch me and see why.

I‘m a six-pound lobster, I have a blue shell, and I’m one foot long. Most of the ladies think I‘m all that and more because I’m big, but I’m just normal. Basically I roam the bottom looking for sea urchins, starfish, mussels, and clams. I eat just about anything, I’m not a fussy eater. I don’t have many predators, but life is like a tag game: if I get “tagged” by a cod I’m out for good.

I’ve experienced many catches but I escaped the cage and got the herring. I’m a six-pound lobster. I’m a safe lobster and its illegal to catch me, so ha ha.

One day I was in my den and a female lobster came out of nowhere and sprayed pheromone in my face. I smelled it and I thought to myself, “what the heck is this?” I followed that lobster and somehow we got into a boxing match. Then she followed me into my den and shed her shell. When she was completely out of her shell I had a choice: to mate or eat her. I wanted revenge for the boxing match, but I decided to do the right thing, I mated. Now when she gets caught, the fisherman has to v-notch her and throw her back. It’s illegal to keep her if she has eggs.

I'll eat anything that gets near my crusher claw and ripper claw, and I'll also eat anything that gets on my bad side.