By: Jasmine Jaramillo

Sun still seeps in through
the heavy yellow curtains
hanging high over my window.

When I open the window
I see an empty street
absent of any movement outside.

If today was anything like before
my street would be packed now.
The people walking with their kids in hand,
and hearing the buzz of bustling buses and cars.

Now all I hear is quiet.
I am alone, working only through
the laptop screen atop the rough, cracking
wooden desk.

Everything feels wrong after weeks
and weeks inside, where there is nothing to
touch, hear or see anymore.

Once I held high hopes over my head
for the future.
But isolation, surrounded by my white walls
and windows,
an overwhelming sense of hopelessness
is now the only thing
in my future.


Jasmine is 18 years old; she lives in Norwalk, California.  Jasmine likes singing and acting in her high school shows; she also plays the piano and especially enjoys hanging out with her friends.


image: Jackson David at Pexels