By: Lila Drewes

Burning sand
seeps between my toes
each footstep
a soft memory.

Foaming waves
crash onto the beach
parting cracked seashells,
a hermit crab
makes its quick escape.

I scour the water line
for a rare,
precious sand dollar
that only appears
when it is in the mood.

Time to watch the tide
roll and tumble over itself
I enjoy the way it plays.

And laugh as the salt water
tries to tickle my toes
failing at the last second
as I scamper away.

Pieces of seaweed stalk me
when I let the ocean pull me
out towards the horizon.

Stars bright
reflecting off the troubled sea,
the white noise of waves
and bashing,
my busy

Lila Drewes is 13 years old and lives in Wiscasset, Maine. Lila loves to horse back ride, ski, and she advocates for human and animals rights. She is also part of a youth climate group that she and some friends have started for middle schoolers in the Lincoln county area.