A Cherry Tree

By: Stanley Zhao

A Cherry Tree


Vibrant crystals of white snow,

Waltzing in the wake of the chilly breeze,

Fluttering back and forth, right and left,

Towards the reaching hands of a lone cherry tree


The cherry tree, a soldier in a worn, barren land,

A survivor of the most fearsome winds,

The most daunting rains, the most playful children,

But its soul lingers 

At the hands of the worst of winter.

Branches lie naked, trunk sits stiff,

Roots rest hungry, leaves remain absent.



In a shower of snowflakes,

The cherry tree regains its beauty.

The snow adorns the tip

Of the slender, wooden arms

With twinkling lights 

And sprinkles the gnarled fingers

With icy confetti.

The chilly wind crowned its head

With a glittery veil

And the snow blankets the lonely roots

And embraces them in a cool, friendly kiss.


At sunset

Each snowflake reflects the soothing light

Of the sun,

Basking the cherry tree in a golden glow, 

Comforting the cherry tree,

And making it beautiful.

Stanley Zhao, 16, Portland, Tennessee, USA. Stanley is very passionate about world history and politics.