Heart of Light

By: Narlyn Rodriguez

I have the heart of light
No matter what you say or do
Will you stop my light from shining

No I’m not dying
Yes I’m trying
Don’t tell me I’m not enough
When you don’t know my stuff

But isn’t it lovely
Tearing me down
Make me look like a clown

Well I have news for you
I’m having fun too
Seeing you mock me
Tryna stop me

Where are you now
You’re the one with the frown

So I got that heart of light
Like an airplane
I’ll take flight

I'm too high in the sky
To listen to your lies

So treat me with respect
Or don’t
Let's see who it’ll affect

Oh honey
You can’t stop me
I got that heart of light
And it’s a real sight

Narlyn Rodriguez is 15 and lives Pomona, California 


By: Isabella Popa

Brown paint
flicking off
god’s paintbrush,
onto your

Raw honey
thick with emotion
escapes from
your eyes
and drips
down your face.

Lips gently
coated in sugar,
so sweet
that I would
gladly eat up
every word.

You can’t be real.
Maybe I should
touch you,
just to
be sure.

Isabella Popa is 13 and lives in San Jose, California

The Billy Goats

By: Kiana Mpala


Once upon a time, there were three greedy goats. One goat was strong and large, one weak and average, and the smallest, clever and tiny. The large goat was called Larger, the average goat was named Medusa, and the tiny goat was known as Timothy. Larger and Medusa were greedy and ate all the lush, sugary grass but they were still hungry. In the distance, they could see a field full of grass.

“Let’s go!” said Timothy happily. He knew there was a stupid troll living under the bridge leading to the field, and he was tired of his idiotic siblings. So they set off to see the field.

Timothy led the way. He was a leader in the making. Medusa and Larger were the noisy lot, they couldn’t keep quiet.


“I can’t wait to eat the delicious grass and sweet shrubs,” said Medusa greedily.


“You won’t eat anything!” exclaimed Larger, “Moi, will eat all the grass and shrubs!” The two argued the whole way to the bridge. Timothy was happy when they arrived at the bridge and was tired of the arguing pair. He wanted them to be gobbled up by the troll.


“We’re at the bridge!” whispered Timothy.

“Why are you whispering?” screamed Larger. Timothy was broken. Silly Larger had blown their cover! Well, his cover anyway.

“Who dares come on my bridge?” boomed a voice. This was the first time Timothy had ever seen Medusa and Larger so quiet and scared that you could even hear a pin drop.

Suddenly, a big, ugly troll emerged from the darkness. “You nice, juicy goats, that’s who!” The troll was green and had warts everywhere! Timothy took his chance and ran.

He managed to get past the troll and made it to the land of his dreams.

“Aaaaaaaagh!” He could hear the screaming of his siblings being eaten. He felt bad, but was happy that he had finally gotten rid of them. So, he lived happily ever after.


Kiana is 10 years old, attending St. Benedict Catholic School in Chatham, United Kingdom.




By: Kiana Mpala

Clouds are big fluffy things they are.
As big as a house, as big as a car,
then you think how far do they go?
Far up into the clouds where nobody knows...

Different shapes and sizes are they,
moving fast to places far away.
Clouds are magical and the most magic of all,
they might give rainy days and sad ones too.

But best of all is they love us, they do!

Kiana Mpala is 10 years old and lives in Chatam, England.