December 2018

Heart of Light

By: Narlyn Rodriguez

I have the heart of light
No matter what you say or do
Will you stop my light from shining

No I’m not dying
Yes I’m trying
Don’t tell me I’m not enough
When you don’t know my stuff

But isn’t it lovely
Tearing me down
Make me look like a clown

Well I have news for you
I’m having fun too
Seeing you mock me
Tryna stop me

Where are you now
You’re the one with the frown

So I got that heart of light
Like an airplane
I’ll take flight

I'm too high in the sky
To listen to your lies

So treat me with respect
Or don’t
Let's see who it’ll affect

Oh honey
You can’t stop me
I got that heart of light
And it’s a real sight

Narlyn Rodriguez is 15 and lives Pomona, California 


By: Isabella Popa

Brown paint
flicking off
god’s paintbrush,
onto your

Raw honey
thick with emotion
escapes from
your eyes
and drips
down your face.

Lips gently
coated in sugar,
so sweet
that I would
gladly eat up
every word.

You can’t be real.
Maybe I should
touch you,
just to
be sure.

Isabella Popa is 13 and lives in San Jose, California