Nocturnal Poet

By: Gracie Foster

one morning, the poet stared out into the sun and said:

wretched ball of
wake me no more.
wretched ball of
yellow and red
blind me no more

why must I sleep during the day?
what is the point?
who thought of that?
from here on, I will not sleep under the moon.
but under the sun

later, at dawn, a child knocks on the poets door,
and the child says:

Why do you sleep in the day?
Most of us sleep in the night.
Night's when the sun goes away
and the moon becomes our light.

and the poet replies:

why might you sleep at night?

and the child thinks a moment:

It is what my mother does.
And it's what her mother did.
It is what my father does.
And it's what his father did.

and the poet retorts:

my answer is as simple as yours;
I sleep under the sun
just because I can.

and the child says:

I believe I am confused.

and the poet says:

do not be
have you ever thought of doing for the sake of
have you ever thought of being for the sake of
have you ever thought of loving for the sake of
ever thought of laughing
because you can?
as humans:
we can love
and have dreams
and have goals
and feel happy
and sad
and angry
and have friends
and write poems
and the poems don't have to have meaning,
or structure,
or rhythm,
or anything!
you can write a poem
just for the sake of writing a-

the child interjects:

I think you must go to sleep,
you must do it very soon.
this sun won't always keep,
and you may have to sleep underneath the moon.


Gracie is a 16 year old from Oneida, Tennessee.


By: Dia Fatima



Dandelions white and dandelions yellow

Dandelions enough to surprise a fellow

Over the fields and under the sky

As the wind blows, the dandelions fly

Dia is a six year old student at Trivandrum International School. She lives in the city of Trivandrum in India.