Telling Rooms

By: Jacob Rutberg

The white walls make the green paint pop.
Your eyes wander, your nerves stop.
The brick walls are strong and sturdy,
Holding in a writers paradise.

Words from books spill out
Across the rug-covered floors,
As the noises from outside spill in,
Not knowing why or what for.

Near me, like-minded people converge,
Like an avalanche
Of ideas, feeling, and thought
All beating in a rhythm unknown.

Poems From Waterville

By: Emma, Alaina, Sofia and Chocolate

Do Bunnies See In Black And White?
by Emma, Alaina and Sofia

Black around his eyes
and on his ears.
Maybe he does see in black and white.

Soft like fabric
Oh, so sweet.

Wiggly and strong
Twisty and bendy
Bandit! Don't jump out of the box!

The Scared Conejo*
by Emma

Makes a little sound
when he moves his ears.

Rolled up in a ball.

Calmed down,
he flattened out.

Peace and Quiet.

*Spanish for rabbit

The Krolik* Is Cute
by Sofia, age 5

I felt nervous
because he would bite me!

On boaylysa
(He was nervous)
Because he didn't know if I was good or bad.

He nibbled the strawberry
he didn't put his mouth on me!

Oh! Oh! His ears are standing out.
Now, they're down.

On bul myagkiy,
(He was soft),
soft like a puffball
not hard like wire.

*Russian for rabbit

by Chocolate, age 10

Sweet, melted gold
smooth, creamy music
relaxing at home.