"At Night"

By: Isabel Bates

Still and silent
no movement except
the trees swaying
out to you
like deranged hula dancers.
The darkness beckoning,
shadows slipping across the ground
free to roam
at night.
The house lights off
windows dark
the ocean inky black
at night.
Boats silent, but
wind whispering
softly laughing,
in your ear
knocking against each other
in the stormy ocean,
waves splashing against their sides.
Absence of sound, just
the laughing wind
rushing water
bobbing boats
But even then
the noises of the dark
seem distant.
Everything is muted,
at night.

"Ode to my Family"

By: James Mitchell

Their presence frees me
Of all fears and worries
Lifting the forbidding presence
From my shoulders

Helping me when I am down
Lifting me off of the ground
Lightening the burden
Of all that I hold

Loving me
When no other will
Sustaining me
When the pressure bears too hard

Time and time again
Supporting me when
They themselves need it
Loving me as always

Giving me everything
But never taking for themselves
I can never give enough
To compensate for what I receive

My family is there for me
As I am for them
Loving helping and caring
That is what family is for.

James Mitchell, Portland, ME, Age 13