Winter Poetry Submissions II

These are more great poems from students at Frank Harrison M.S. in Yarmouth.

“Angela’s Aqua Dress”

by Kaytee Glenn, 14

Angela twirled,
Like a ballerina in her new aqua dress.
The new aqua dress glinted
From all the sparkles.
It had sparkly stars all over the dress
Which shined,
Just like her.
On her feet were
Sliver high heels.
Her hair flowed perfectly on her shoulders.
When the light hit her hair just right,
You could see
She had the perfect light glow of make-up.
Shimmering lip gloss sparkled light pink,
With glitter,
With bare eyelids,
With pink cheeks,
Against the dark night,
Angela and I danced the night away,
In her new aqua dress.



by Amanda, 12

God took you away
away from this world
he took you away from me
for a reason
don’t know why, for something
everyday it feels like someones ripped my heart out
I miss you
sorry for everything I did
I love you!
All I wish is for you to be here
next to me
always there
I know you’re watching me
here with me, but in my heart
I want to see your face again


“The Man In the Cloak”

by Ally McLeod

I see them fill their trays up with milk and coffee
as they pass by, there is a stench of the left-over food
then there is one old man  who catches my eye
with a big heavy cloak wrapped around himself
with his hood concealing his face

Does he have the mask of
death, hope, or gratitude?
He did not utter one word
so no one could tell
he only made gestures with his hands
hidden within his sleeves.

He walked with an unsteady gate
across the floor
seeking refuge at an empty table
he sat
and was sitting alone for a while
but even when a stranger joined him
loneliness dominated the air
there was no conversation

By now there is not much more for him to do
but empty his tray
exit the doors
and go back to his home
hoping that he has one
knowing that he is not alone

“The First to Last”

by Anne Knoll

The first time I saw him
The first time I played with him
The first time my fingers slid through his fur
The first time I looked in to his eyes
The first time I hugged him

I knew he was mine

The last time I saw him
The last time I played with him
The last time my fingers slid through his fur
The last time I looked into his eyes

The last time I hugged him
I knew he was gone


by Grace Cowles

I sauntered towards the bathroom door and froze when I overheard her say,
“We are going to have to send her away.”
|I knew it was me. It was always me.

I tip toed closer to the room,
and flattened my body against the wall.
I could see the faint light and the tall skinny shadows of my parents.
I lay there at the entrance of the room,
tears spilling down my cheeks.
My body stiff and cold.
I wished I could say something but they didn’t know I was there.
My eyes stung with redness.
Somehow they must have figured out that I was there because
when I woke up,
I was in my bed.


by Devin Clarke

It is upsetting me
You would stop
You would stop
I can’t make you
Freedom of speech I guess
You are hurting me
I can’t take it
The worst part is
I actually cared
About you.
were actually important to me
You think
That it would be better
if we were just friends again
The thing is
We can’t be
For one reason
one reason only
Truly hurt me
destroyed me
really took a blow at me
knocked me down
made cry
never again
Will I cry because of you
Never again.


“I Just Want You to Know”

by Grace Kingman

I just want you to know
you where never there
no matter what you say
you where never there
it’s to late to go back
to the things you’ve missed
no time machine
could reverse what you’ve done
or really what you haven’t done
I just what you to know that
I’ll never come back
even in your worst times
I’ll never be there
‘cause you weren’t.
I just want you know
all I wanted was you
just wanted you to be there for me
and that’s all I’ll ever want you to know
about me.



by Contessa Boisvert

This December is better than the last,
because last year you were diagnosed with cancer.
Now that you are in remission, we can celebrate and have a happy holiday.

During this past year it was hard on you,
from hospitals to doctor appointments and just feeling blue,
with all of this, you went through it with a smile.

Perhaps it was the mac and cheese that got you better,

it could have been all the times we were together,

or the love between us that was strong.

What matters the most,
Is that you are better
with you better, I am complete.