Caitlin Merrill, "I Am the Ocean, Blue as Can Be"

I am the ocean, blue as can be.

Every morning, I wait for the sun to hit me perfectly while I rest
and wait for the rest of the day to arrive peacefully.

Two times a day I rise and fall,
Once in the morning and once at nightfall.

All of the time, I can hear the sound of creatures gliding through me,
Once in a while, running into a buoy,

The dolphins, racing as fast as can be in and out of me,
The crabs, wrestling on my sandy bottom,
This is what makes me.

I am the Ocean, blue as can be.

What I love most is the feeling of the sun rising and hitting my surface.
When this happens, it’s bound to be a good day, nonetheless.

I see people come and take pictures of me; and pose in font of me
Through this grey wired boundary.

A lot of people love to swim on my shores,
Whether it is in the warm Gulf of Mexico or the chilly waters of Maine,
I will always know what I am known for:

The soaring birds that fly above me, the ships that sail through me;
This is all a part of what makes me so Earthly.

I am the Ocean, blue as can be.

Caitlin Merrill, 13
Scarborough Middle School
Scarborough, Maine

Sara Brown, "Impossible Dreams"

Impossible Dreams

A doctor, an astronaut, the president of the United States,
I want to be the the guard at the Golden Gates.
Famous, rich, an inspiration,
I want to change the world, change the Nation.
To find a cure to hatred, illness, including cancer,
I’d like to meet Donner, Dasher and Prancer,
Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy,
Adam, Eve, Jesus and Virgin Mary.

These are great dreams to me,
But impossible is what they seem to be,
Especially in this economy.

Sara Brown – 17 – Deering High School