By: Emma Folkart

I am Black.
That’s what they call me anyway.
I prefer to call my skin more of a mocha color, but no one really cares what shade,
If I am midnight, or just the darkness after sunset.
Night is night.
Black is black.
I don’t get to choose my skin color anymore than what they call me.
I can accept that.
Others are narrow-minded.
But I know.
I am simply,

I am Overweight.
I know I am.
What can I say?
I like my cheese burgers,
And my fries,
Onion rings, crispy crunchy goodness,
Pickles, sour and dripping with juices,
And mint chocolate chip shakes…
You don’t need to point it out.
Or laugh.
Or whisper,
Behind my back.
I have come to accept it.
I am simply,

I am Poor.
Money is stretched tighter than my little sister’s stockings on a rhino.
I work,
And don’t have much time to study.
My grades are in the toilet,
Which reminds me- that’s clogged.
That’s okay though.
I am simply,

I am an Actress.
No, I have not been on Broadway,
Or ever had a solo.
And yes, I work in a barn.
I have had a gig though!
People listened to me.
I know.
Starving artist.
Living on ramen noodles,
But I just need to get out there.
I can make it.
I am an individual, and people like that.
I am simply,

I am Alone,
My friends were catty,
They all had orange striped tails.
I, a tigress,
Am too noble to be abused by mere
I prowl the savanna plains,
I am a pack of one.
I sit alone.
Eat alone.
Cry alone.
I am strong alone.
I am independent alone.
I am myself alone.
I am simply,

I am No One.
I am a chameleon.
My thoughts and feelings a mirror of those around me.
I laugh.
I scream
Because I am no one.
And so instead I have become everyone,
Mashed into a single body
About to explode.

I am,


Emma Folkart is a 17 year old junior attending Ridge High School in Basking Ridge, NJ.