By: Mansi Garneni

A dollar can buy a lot. It can buy a candy bar. A slice of pizza. A bad song on iTunes that you only like because “they played it at Coachella! You had to be there.”

It can pay the fare for the elevator ride to success, whizzing past those scrambling up the corporate ladder. And everyone knows you can’t climb a ladder if you’re wrapped in a bodycon dress.

It can buy your way into penthouse suites. Into the safety and security of a 401K once the corporate ladder has been climbed and conquered.

It can demand your way to “authoritative,” instead of “bossy.” To “career-oriented,” instead of “selfish.”

A dollar can buy a lot. And they expect me to sit here, with my hands folded demurely in my lap, in a dress with too much lace to be considered practical clothing, content with my 77 cents.



Mansi is a 16-year-old from California.