At The Telling Room, writers are our heroes. For those of us who love the writing life, writers are super heroic, super amazing, and super famous. From time to time, The Telling Room offers community events that bring successful, working writers to Portland to give public readings and meet with our students and the community at large. Whether held in a school auditorium as a panel discussion or in the more intimate confines of our writing center, our Super Famous Writers Series offers fledgling writers a chance to ask questions of a few successful scribes and to imagine themselves as literary superheroes.

Authors who have visited us in the past include:

Lois Lowry, Ann Beattie, Elizabeth Gilbert, Paul Tough, George Saunders, Campbell McGrath, Dave Eggers and Valentino Achak Deng, Tom Perrotta, Linda Greenlaw, Susan Orlean and Jonathan Lethem.

We especially like to give students access to Maine-based writers. Our Maine Writers on Memoir and Maine Writers on Maine conferences feature oustanding local authors like: Susan Conley, TR founder and author of The Foremost Good FortuneCaitlin Shetterly, author of the timely memoir Made for You and Me; Jaed Coffin, author of A Chant to Soothe Wild Elephants, and boxing champion; Monica Wood, Lewis Robinson, Betsy Sholl, and more.