The Telling Room is now offering VIRTUAL writing & publishing programming! Please visit our Programs page to learn more.


In-School Workshops

Want to bring The Telling Room's expertise into your classroom?

Workshops are conveniently nestled between field trips and residencies as a medium length programming option, and we are able to host them at our writing center in Portland or travel to schools and other sites. Workshops typically last 4 to 10 hours over multiple visits.

We've found that schools and other partners find workshops work well for the following scenarios:

  • When they want a brief exposure to The Telling Room and can't commit to a full residency
  • When they want to give several classes a short experience rather than one class a longer experience
  • When they have a longer unit planned but would benefit from a short visit from a writer at some point (or multiple points) during the unit
  • When they have a specific project in mind that requires outside expertise - examples include multimedia, performance poetry/spoken word, and publishing

Cost: $100 per hour

Details: Workshops must be booked at least two months in advance. To book a workshop, or for more information, please contact Program Director Nick Whiston.