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Anthology Project

Every year since our founding, The Telling Room has undertaken a yearlong Anthology Project, a themed writing and art project that engages hundreds of youth at our writing center and in local schools.

Our anthologies are as diverse and amazing as the students we work with.

The Telling Room reinvents itself annually under the auspices of a new theme that permeates our daily writing programs for young people and sets the stage for a new set of ideas, questions, projects, and activities. These themes serve as a way for our community to learn about contemporary life from the perspective of the young people who tackle these questions and ideas in their writing with us. In the past, we have explored themes of belief, neighborhoods, place, food, and more. The theme serves as an anchor to our diverse and multi-faceted programming, and each yearlong project culminates in the publication of our yearly anthology of student writing.

The anthologies in our Telling Room library are as diverse and amazing as the students we work with; each is filled with incredible and empowering stories from kids who might have thought they had no voice. As local bestsellers, these anthologies have been used in classrooms throughout the state, and have begun to change how kids see each other and how adults see the youth in their communities.


2020-21 Theme: Lost & Found

Selected in early 2020, this year's theme, Lost & Found, explores the highs and lows of loss and discovery. Whether a treasured item, a dear friend, or a favorite memory, the experiences of losing and finding shape us and our writing. The theme Lost & Found allows us to uncover the many ways we encounter our world, each other, ourselves, and the unknown.

2019-20 Theme: 20/20

Selected in early 2019, last year’s theme was 20/20. A big part of the work we do with young people is to provide framework for thinking about--and writing about--their lives differently, whether in relation to the larger world, their personal history, the future, their community, place, history, nature, and so forth. Writers are observers, witnesses. This theme will act as a great canvas to explore the many ways we encounter our world, each other, ourselves, The Other, the unknown, the ordinary, and even mystery. There are many possible topics--both for using the issues around 20/20, such as vision, clarity, time, and the future/the past, as writing prompts, and also for investigating how writers use themes to craft poems and tell good stories that others will be eager to hear. 

The 2019-20 Anthology with the 20/20 theme is See Beyond

Voices - 2019 

Color - 2018

Check out these videos to get a sense of our previous Anthology Projects – each captures a different year-end event, typically held in May to celebrate the release of our newest book.

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